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Internet Sponsored Link Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

There are a number of methods of marketing and advertising available to Internet businesses. A primary method is sponsored link advertising (paid link advertising), and the three main service providers are Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft Live Search listings allow a business to pay for ads that are displayed when certain keyword terms are used in searches. The ads can be restricted to a specific search engine, it's search engine partners, or affiliated businesses that offer ad space on their websites.

In configuring ad campaigns, knowing how to configure the advertising campaign options is critical to the success of your paid listings marketing. These options permit you to control how broadly or narrowly your target audience is, as well as how widely or narrowly your ads are displayed on the Internet. In addition, you can configure a budget limit for the campaigns in order to control your marketing expenditures and utilize your resources effectively.

Choosing your keyword terms and choosing how close the search engines match your target keywords to the user's search term will affect how many people see your ads, and allow you to filter your ad displays to those searchers who you desire to reach.

It is advisable to offer two ads per campaign in order to discover which one is most effective in getting viewers to take action and visit your site. Once a sufficient number of views and clicks is counted, then you can drop the ad that is not the top performer, and replace or improve it. This continuing improvement process (called "A-B testing" or 'Split testing') will result in improved ad successes during the time the campaign runs.

Aim Higher! Consulting can work with you in configuring campaign options and monitoring the success of the various ads being tested, as well as set up and monitor multiple simultaneous campaigns. Contact Aim Higher! Consulting if you are interested in reaching potential customers and improving the business visibility of your website.