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Aim Higher! Consulting's owner, E. C. Gruhler, serves as a professional consultant to Network Solutions and is a member of the Network Solutions Web Professional Think Tank. E. C. Gruhler has served as an Internet Project Director for a consortium of non-profit organizations, developing and directing the search engine optimization strategies for over 400 websites and over 1,000 domain names for non-profit groups on four continents.

Aim Higher! Consulting's owner, E. C. Gruhler, has also been an IT manager for a multi-state resource corporation, a web developer and quality assurance consultant for a Fortune-500 company, a Senior Web Programmer for a major medical service provider; a former RFP (Request for Proposals) Manager of the HTML Writers Guild. E.C. Gruhler has a varied background in information technology and business, and includes more than just Internet technical knowledge when planning effective websites for his clients! Since 1996, Aim Higher! Consulting has been involved with professional website design and search engine submission and optimization strategies.

Contact E. C. Gruhler at Aim Higher! Consulting if you are interested in improving the business success of your website.

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