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Here are some reference tables that I've found particularly useful when working with client content and developing website effects: a table of HTML character entity and numeric codes for the latin-1 (ISO 8859-1) character sets (along with symbols, Greek letters, and math symbols), and a list of "eye candy" meta-transition effects for entering or exiting a website or web pages.

HTML Character Entity Codes and Meta Transitions Reference

HTML Character Entity Reference Table

This HTML character entity reference table is designed as a reference for finding HTML character entity codes for: additional ISO 8859-1 characters (latin-1), symbols, mathematical symbols, Greek letters, and for markup-significant and internationalization character entities including accented characters (diacritical marks). It is also a test of a user's browser and/or operating system installed character sets and symbol sets.

Meta-Transition Code Chart

This page was developed out of a need for a chart referencing page transition effects and the associated meta-code. There are 25 standard transition effects that can be applied on site enter, site exit, page enter, and page exit.

(This page also contains visual "eye candy": some seasonally-themed, JavaScript-driven CSS-Layer effects.)