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Market and Keyword Research

Internet market research, including keyword research and analysis, competitor analysis, and link analysis, is crucial to making sound Internet marketing business decisions. (more about market and keyword research)

Link Analysis and Strategies

For an existing website, link analysis is also vital to your search engine rank positoning. In search engine optimization, external factors have become as important or more important than site content in determining page rank, especially for search engines such as Google, Inktomi, MSN, Lycos, AllTheWeb(Fast), HotBot, and AltaVista. (more about link analysis and strategies)

Search Engine Position Strategies

Web page optimization is the process of organizing all the elements of your web pages to yield the best possible search engine rankings. Remember: since around 92% of searchers do not look beyond the first 3 pages of listings, if you do not appear in the top 30 search results, your website is visible to less than 10% of the people searching on that particular term--and the further down the list your page ranks, an increasingly smaller number of people will find it! (more about search engine position strategies)

Internet Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

Running successful Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns can augment the results of your website optimization, or may be used to target specific segments of your chosen target market. Knowing how to set up your options may make the difference between running a marginal campaign or having a very successful campaign. Aim Higher! Consulting can help you set up and run successful Internet advertising campaigns.

Position Monitoring

There is fierce competition for the top 30 slots on each search engine. Aim Higher! Consulting will monitor your rank, for each targeted keyword, on selected major search engines every month. Every time there is a significant change in rankings, Aim Higher! Consulting will alert you to the change, investigate its cause, and advise you how to maintain your position rank. (more about position monitoring)

Internet Business Planning Frequently Asked Questions

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Aim Higher! Consulting does offer some package pricing, but we base the cost on your needs. We provide a free initial consultation, learn about your business Internet needs, then put together a proposal outlining a plan of action and the associated fees.