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Link Analysis

For an existing website, link analysis is also vital to your search engine rank positoning. In search engine optimization, external factors have become as important or more important than site content in determining page rank, especially for search engines such as Google, Inktomi, MSN, Lycos, AllTheWeb(Fast), HotBot, and AltaVista. A short time ago it was just the number of links (link popularity) that made the difference between top rankings and being lost to view. This is no longer the case. Just having lots of incoming links and knowing who links to you is not enough you must also know what the linking site and page theme is, what those links are saying about you, and how to influence what is said in those links in order to improve the relevance and quality of incoming links and improve your page position ranking.

Outbound links also influence search engine positioning. As with inbound links, the relevance and quality of outbound links is important. Banners, ads, affiliate programs, link exchanges, resource links, and third-party redirect links all need to be reviewed for their relevance to your website pages.

Aim Higher! Consulting has link analysis tools to automate link tracking and assist with link evaluation.

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