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Website search engine rank position monitoring: keep and increase your hard-earned page position rank

There is fierce competition for the top 30 slots on each search engine. Aim Higher! Consulting will monitor your rank, for each targeted keyword, on selected major search engines every month. Every time there is a significant change in rankings, Aim Higher! Consulting will alert you to the change, investigate its cause, and advise you how to keep your top-ranked position.

Optimizing website search engine positioning is always an ongoing process. In their onoging quest to provide the most relevant content to their users, search engines and directories modify their web page ranking algorithms. A long-term commitment to search engine optimization is required to develop and maintain the benefits of the website optimization process.

In addition to monthly monitoring of search engine rankings, Aim Higher! Consulting can also help you review your website log file traffic metrics, in order to help you fine-tune the user path through the website and to increase the sales closing ratio or the conversion rate of visitors to customers.

While monitoring search engine positioning and performing ongoing evaluation of website marketing results, Aim Higher! Consulting can also help you develop an offsite link strategy and start your link acquisition process.

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