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Website optimization of design and content maximizes your website traffic and sales potential

Web page optimization is the process of organizing all the elements of your web pages to achieve the best possible search engine position rankings so your website is visible to searchers. Remember: if you do not appear in the top 30 search results, your website is invisible to approximately 92% of the people searching on that particular term.

To maximize search engine rankings, each web page should provide focused, themed content using targeted keywords relevant to your business. Website content should contain both primary and secondary keywords. Primary keywords are the main terms describing the business and its products or services. Secondary keywords are the terms used in describing specific products and services.

In addition, the way the web pages are organized and the way the HTML code is written can have a dramatic effect on how search engines rank your site.

Search engines have their own proprietary algorithms (formulas) to determine which sites receive top rank positions. Aim Higher! Consulting will apply its extensive research and knowledge of major search engine position rank results to structure your web pages for maximum placement within search engine rankings.

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